Table 3. Overview available samples and measurements caregivers

 Subject  Oral rinse, Blood
 Patient-reported outcome measures
 Subject  Instrument
Measured once:
NQ_x101n Demographics Age and gender
NQ_x103n Education and literacy Education and literacy
NQ_x104n Country of birth and family Country of birth and family
NQ_x105n Diseases Self-administered Comorbidity Questionnaire (SCQ)
NQ_x112n Personality (big five) NEO Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)
NQ_x113n Locus of control Pearlin Schooler and Mastery Scale (PSMS)
NQ_x115n Coping Utrecht Coping List (UCL)
NQ_x116n Social Desirability Social desirability questionnaire (study-specific questionnaire)
NQ_x127n Fertility Study-specific questionnaire (women only)
Measured every time point:
Questionnaire A
NQ_x102n Weight Self-reported weight
NQ_x106n Smoking and nicotine dependence Smoking habits (study-specific questionnaire)
NQ_x107n Alcohol intake and dependence Alcohol (study-specific questionnaire)
NQ_x108n Drugs use Drugs (study-specific questionnaire)
NQ_x109n Generic quality of life EuroQol (EQ-5D + VAS)
NQ_x110n Disease-specific quality of life EORTC QLQ-C30
NQ_x117n Severity anxiety/depression Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)
NQ_x118n Fatigue Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI)
NQ_x128n Social support Social Support List – Interactions (SSL-I12)
NQ_x129n Concerns about patient Caregiver Reaction Assessment (CRA)
NQ_x130n Physical activity Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE)
Questionnaire B
NQ_x202n Participation Impact on Participation and Autonomy (IPA)
NQ_x203n Self-perceived neurocognitive function Cognitive Failures Questionnaire (CFQ)
NQ_x204n Self-efficacy Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE)
NQ_x205n Sleep quality Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)
NQ_x206n Life events Brugha/List of Threatening Experiences
NQ_x208n Loneliness Loneliness Scale (de Jong Gierveld)
NQ_x209n Hearing Caron
NQ_x210n Sexual functioning – men International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)
NQ_x211n Sexual functioning – women  Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI)
NQ_x213n Supportive care needs Supportive Care Needs Survey Partners and Caregivers (SCNS-P&C) cancer module (SCNS-HNC)
NQ_x214n Leisure activities  Study-specific questionnaire